No One Just Wants Subway or Burger King. Right?

When you come to Fort Collins, wether to visit or house hunt, nobody ever just wants to check out the local Burger King or Sub-way. Right? As a Realtor, and despite Jessica’s best efforts to get me to pack a lunch each day, I’m always eating on the go. So I certainly have my favorite places to eat.

We are rumored to have more eating establishments per capita than any other town in the US, yet sometimes I’m a bit disappointed with the quality of our food. So to help, here are my top places to eat around town. Feel free to add/send feedback.

Serious Texas BBQ
I spent 9 years living in Georgia, and became obsessed with smoked meat. BBQ is not as big of a deal here in Colorado than it is in the southern states, but Serious Texas BBQ does it right. From brisket, to turkey, to their Texas Taco – there isn’t an item on their menu that I don’t recommend. The kids will also have lots of fun at their hand washing stations… you’ll see what I mean when you go. Three locations, north Loveland, north Old Town Ft. Collins and west midtown (near Prospect and Timberline).

Also try: Moe’s Original BBQ. Their pork nachos are amazing.

Thai Food
Cafe Bankok
Located on the west side of campus (Elizabeth and Shields), this is some of the best Thai food I’ve every had, and I’ve spent a week in Thailand! Try the yellow curry, you’ll thank me.

Also try: Bann Thai located in Front Range Village on the SE corner of town near Super Target. Try their yellow curry too, tell me which is the best.

Big Al’s Burger’s and Dogs is the best. Try the 60/40 Burger or the Guacamole Bacon Burger. Located in Old Town, don’t drive around and around looking for a parking spot, just park in the multistory lot down the street.

Also try: Choice City Butcher and Deli. Located in Old Town, their sandwiches are incredible too. It has also been consistently voted one of the top 10 best places in the US for their beer selection.

Chinese Food
Young’s Cafe
My Chinese clients and friends are going to disown me, but the best Chinese food in town is the “Chinese menu” at a Vietnamese restaurant called Youngs Cafe – tucked back in a strip mall near Red Lobster on the SW corner of College and Horsetooth. There is simply no-where better. Their Sesame Chicken needs to be on the Food Channel, you cannot go there and not order it. Kids love it too, they have lots of tanks full of exotic fish and the owners treat everybody like family.

Also try: Don’t bother going anywhere else, just go to Young’s.

Vietnamese Food
Pho Duy
I’m a little new to Pho. Previous times I’ve had it, it just wasn’t my thing, until my friend Alex took me to Pho Duy on West. Drake. I’m sure Young’s Vietnamese Cafe has great Pho too, but I’m hooked on this place. Order your Pho with extra steak and be generous with the Siracha – I’m a changed man. Thanks Alex!

The Still Whiskey Steaks
As part of the group, 20+ Dads descended on The Still Whiskey Steaks one night for an evening of steak education. Wow. The chef here knows his cuts! Go big with “The Beast” or try an $18 Queen Cut sirloin, it is all fantastic. Located in Old Town Fort Collins.

Also Try: The Charco Broiler on east Mulberry. This place is a Fort Collins institution and like traveling back in time.

Indian/Nepalese Food
Mt. Everest Cafe on Drake and Shields has a delicious lunch buffet for around $10.
Hard to pick between Mt. Everest and the Star of India on Harvard (Midtown Ft. Collins). Star has a better menu, but I think Mt. Everest has the better buffet.

Also try: Mt. Everest Cafe’s upscale partner restaurant the Himalayan Cafe is also a must in Front Range Village (SE Fort Collins). Their Chicken Tikka Masala is the best in town, just make sure they kick it up a notch on the spice level.

Skip: Taj Mahal – I hate to be negative, but this is possibly the worst Indian Food I’ve ever had, I’ve tried it 3 times now, I can’t go back.

There is no shortage of Pizza places in Fort Collins. So her are my top 3
Otto Pint – On old gas station turned into a pizza and beer joint. Great patio and menu. Staff are always super friendly. Most of the pizzas are “individual size”, but still a good sized pie. Try the smoked duck breast pizza, delicious.
Mama Roni’s – has the best take out and they don’t make you wait 2 hrs. for delivery. 2 locations. Try the Buffalo Chicken pizza – that’s my favorite.
Pizza Casbah – New York Style Pizza at it’s best in Fort Collins. You can’t go wrong here. They are famous for their giant 24 inch pizzas.

Snooze Cafe – local Colorado chain. Great menu. Get there early on weekends.

Also Try: The Original Pancake House. So I know it is a chain, but their food is really delicious. Try the Texican hash brown dish – that’s my favorite.

Choice City Butcher and Deli – Any local will tell you, even when the line is out the door, it is worth the wait. Don’t forget to check out their award winning beer selection.

Just as amazing, Back Country Delicatessen in Old Town. Try their sandwich called “the Grand” – you might never eat any other sandwich ever again.

Also Try: Elevated Sandwiches. North of Old Town, this “pop up” sandwich shop is doing everything right.

If I’m taking you out house hunting, let me know where you want to go for lunch, and we can be sure to add in one of these great eateries.