Sugar Beet Park

Brand new in 2019 and located to the East of Old Town off Lemay and Vine, the playground is centered around a 12-foot-tall wooden sugar beet play structure – which kids can climb all over. 

All in all the park covers 5.3-acres and the Sugar Beat theme pays homage to the rich history of farmers that once lived and worked in this part of town. 

Don’t miss the pollinator gardens, picnic shelter, basketball hoops and the sliding benches that replicate the old Sugar Beat rail cars.

Link to City Website: Sugar Beet Park

Link to photos: Sugar Beet Park Photos

Spring Canyon Park

From east of Old Town we head south west to the base of the foothills. Spring Canyon Park spans an incredible 100-acres. 

At the heart is Inspiration Playground, its unique ADA play area for children of all abilities to share and play on the same equipment. It’s awesome – this was the park Jess and I took our kids to when we first visited Fort Collins. 

There are even climbable statues of a Stone Giant that tells the legend of Horsetooth Rock in both English and braille.  
Don’t miss the giants toes as well as the splash pad, the skate park, the tennis courts, there’s a dog park, basketball court, sport fields and even a dirt bike course

Fossil Creek

My kids call Fossil Creek Park the DINOSAUR PARK. 

On the south-east side of town your little ones will love this place. 

Clamber over the giant Wooly Mammoth, 

jump through shark’s jaw 

and then scale climbing wall covered using the fossils for hand holds. 

Along with the great playground, the nearly 100-acre park boasts a dog park, skate park, tennis courts, baseball fields, basketball courts, a hockey rink, and walking trails. 

There is also a splash park for kids – put I thinks it might still be “under repair”

City Park

Right in the heart of town in City Park. This is the place to be, especially in the summer. So many of the 5k races start and finish here.  It’s home to the food truck rally.  There is a giant water park.   Everybody comes her to watch the 4th of July fireworks.  Take a paddle boat out on the lake…. There is SO much do!

Link to Photos: City Park Photos

Twin Silo Park

Did I save the best til last? I think I did…

Located in southeast Fort Collins, Twin Silo Park takes up an expansive 54-acre area all based around the theme of agriculture – which is close to our hearts in Ft. Collins. 

The play ground is incredible! Along with a zipline and unique play structures, there are two huge 50-foot silos with Fort Collins tallest slide linked between them. 

Don’t miss the pickleball courts,  dog park and hydroponic vegetable garden. 

Link to City Website: Twin Silo Park

Now before we go, if you’re looking for something a little different check out

Poudre river water park 

This is going to be ideal for more adventurous kids that want to get wet! 

Located right on the river – just north of Old Town. Bring your kayaks, river tubes and paddleboards to navigate the boulder-lined boat chute, rock features and kayaking holes. 

There is also a shallow play along the shore for those a little more faint of heart. 

Link to City Website:  Poudre River Park

Link to the Poudre River Park Maps

Honorable mention goes to Crescent Park

Heading back up north, with the Anheuser Busch brewery off to the east, Crescent Park is located in the Maple Hill neighborhood.  

Built in 2019 this 7-acre park has a great play ground with plenty of things to climb on, swing on and two fantastic slides to chute down. 

There is a picnic/viewing area sat on top of an earth-berm embedded restroom. There are sports fields and a basketball court too.

Link to City Website: Crescent Park

Link to Photos: Crescent Park Photos

Thanks everybody that’s my top 5 (well 6) favorite “play ground” parks here in Northern Colorado – and frankly we are a little spoiled for choice. I’m Robert Crow… be sure to click on my other community videos and never hesitate to reach out with real estate and playground questions.