In the Community

Dad's Liquid Therapy, House a Ram, NoCo100, Open Stage Theater

Dads’ Liquid Therapy

When we moved to Fort Collins, my wife told me her dream for our family was to have “a big life in a small town.”   Only problem was, we didn’t know anybody.  When you live in Northern Colorado, whether you like craft beer or not, it is impossible to avoid the brewery scene.

Within a few months I founded Dad’s Liquid Therapy as a way to meet other local parents that needed the occasional night out, a few micro-brews and recognized the importance of building community.   Today Dads Liquid Therapy (and Dads’ Dinner Therapy) meets monthly and has helped raise funds to supply micro-loans, thru to support dozens of fathers in developing countries around the world.


Shortly after Dads Liquid Therapy became sustainable and relationships were growing strong, a number of the Dads recognized the opportunity for us to help each other not only in parenthood, but in business too.  Noco100 was formed. The goal being to build a network of 100 locally owned businesses that were tried, trusted and tested.  From house keepers to dog trainers, Noco100 is a family of professionals dedicated in helping each other and our respective friends and clients.

Open Stage

Fort Collins without beer, bikes and the arts might as well be any other town in America.  A leader in local arts and the theater is OpenStage.  My wife Jessica is a company member, as are many close friends, clients and members of Dads’ Liquid Therapy.   It was an honor to serve on the board for Open Stage for 3 years and it remains an honor to formally sponsor 1 play each year.  Please take a moment to learn more about, attend a production, come to a fundraiser and hopefully became a season ticket holder.

House a Ram

Not only is Northern Colorado one of the top 10 best places in America to live, we also have some of the best higher education facilities too.  CSU in Fort Collins is one of these outstanding schools,  Many first year students however decide to cease their studies because they cannot afford the high cost of on campus housing.  From the sale or purchase of any home for a CSU graduate, I donate $50 from every closing to help provide a housing scholarship to a minimum of two freshman students each year.